Monday, June 18, 2012

MY SUMMER Plans by Marta Aznar, 6A


This holidays I'm going to visit París. París is the capital city of  France.I think París is a very fascinating and popular city with lots  of interesting buildings and attractions. I´m going to a five stars Hotel. I´m going to spend four days sightseeing in the city.I´m going to visit the Eiffel Tower and The Triumph Arch. I´m going to discover the beauty of the Basilique du Sacré- Coeur de Montmartre.

The Basilique of Scré Coeur
The Eiffel Tower.
We´re going to visit DisneyLand Paris. It offers a variety of themed universes, from a voyage to the far wet or the orient to Sleepy Beauty´s castle or outer space. There enormous roller coasters, big wheels...

I really want to go to Paris.

IES Rafael Dieste. By Paula C. 6A

IES Rafael Dieste on PhotoPeach

Hi, classmates!!
I´m going to go to Rafael Dieste Secondary School next year.
This Seconday School is near Los Rosales. You can go walking or by bus.
We visited it three months ago and I think it´s really great. It´s beautiful.
 You have to study English, Spanish and Galician. And you can choose French or German.
 In this school  there are exchanges with other countries and interesting trips.
I want to go to Secondary School but I´ll miss some of my friends.
I´m happy to go to that Secondary  School because I think I will learn a lot of things.
Just five classmates are going to go there but I´m sure we´ll meet lots of new friends!!!
See you soon!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

" A farewell post" by Óscar A, 6A

Hi kids!
I´m Oscar and I´ve got bad news. On the 22nd of June this school year finishes. This is my last entry for this course and also the farewell from this school. I will miss my friends . Next year I´m going to a secondary school and I´m a bit nervous. Good luck to everyone!.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Why worry" by Mark Knopfler

Hi kids,
We´re going to learn this beautiful song in our English classes. Mark Freuder Knopfler, OBE ( born August 12,1949, Glasgow, Scotland) is a guitarist, singer and songwriter. Although best - known as the lead guitarist and vocalist for the band Dire Straits. He also made albums as a solo performer and played in other bands. He has also performed on work by other artists, such as Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and Chet Atkins, and produced albums for artists such as Tina Turner, Randy Newman, and Bob Dylan.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My summer plans by Rosalia, 6A

In summer, I'm going to Dublin (Ireland).

I'm going to visit O'Connell Street, Grafton Street, Temple Bar, Trinity College, Guinness Storehouse, Kilmainham Jail, The Dublin Castle, etc.

I'm going to my village house too.
I'm going to ride my bike through the bike path.
I'm going to skate with my roller-skates.
I'm going to swim in my swimming pool.
And I'm going to walk every day with my parents.
Sometimes I'm going to have some family visit.
I'm going to take a lot of photos with my camera because I like it very much.
I'm going to paint a picture, it's very funny.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

" Summer Plans" By Alejandro Ramos , 6A

                                                                      MY SUMMER PLANS
I´m going to go to Canary Islands.
I´m going to play football every day.
I'm going to go to a water park.
I´´m going to read English very much.
I´m going to study class book and I´m going to write activity book.
I´m going to learn cook.
I´m going to buy my summer clothes in Pull and Bear.
I´m going to sleep in a hotel.
I´m going to miss the school and my friends.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Congratulations, Depor!.

Hi, Depor supporters!.
Deportivo is back in the  Spanish First Division .A Coruña is white and blue today. Yesterday we  had a great time watching the football match and yes, we won the match and we went up to the first division again. Today it´s a day to celebrate the victory.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My holidays in London. By Paula C. 6A

Last week I went to London. I liked London very much.
Here you can watch my slideshow on Photopeach.

See you soon...!!!!

Wilma Tenderfoot By Inés 6B

I read several books but my favourites are Wilma Tenderfoot´s collection they´re many books (I read "The case of frozen hearts" and "The Putrid poison" ).
They are very funny detective books. The principal character is a ten years old girl who wants to be a detective. Somewhere between France and England there is an island that no one has ever bothered to discover. On it lives Wilma Tenderfood, a determined girl who dreams of one day becoming a World Famous Detective.
I love them. The author is Emma Kennedy . She is and English actress, writer and television presenter.

The books aren´t  mine because I took them in a  public library but They were very well kept.

I hope you read them .

"The Advengers" by Óscar Ares 6ºA

Hi, friends! 
Last saturday I went to the cinema with my friend Alejandro Martinez. We saw the Advengers.
It was great! .Although  I don't like superheros movies, I love this movie!
The Advengers cover
This movie takes a long, but you don´t fell bored because there is a lot of action.
The advengers are five:

  • Hulk: Don't anger it if you don't want to he converts on a giant and green thing.
  • The black widow: Silent, agressive and pretty.
  • Ironman: Sometimes he can't fight on team
  • Captain America: He's a good fighther and he's got an a indestroyer shield.
  • Thor: He's a demigod and he can control the storms.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Visiting Corax by Inés 6B

A few days ago I visited a place called Corax.
It is a kind of zoo where you can feed  and play with wild animals.
I had a great time with all the animals.
The monkey made ​​me laughing because he stole the chewing gum  to a man who was there
The animals I like best are the tigers.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"My favourite song" by Martin.F class 6B

Hi fiends.
This is my favourite song.
Name: Dynamite.
By: Taio Cruz
I hope you enjoy

Sunday, May 6, 2012

JOBS by Laura V 6A

Hi friends!!!
Look at this!!Do you like it?
This is my pie chart. These are the results of my class 6A:
 3 students want to be policemen
5 students want to be footballers.
1 student wants to be an actor.
3 students want to be teachers
1 student wants to be a reporter.
2 students want to be dancers.
3 students want to be vets.
1 student wants to be a doctor.
1 student wants to be a writer and
1 student wants to be a photographer.
You can make a pie chart like this.
Come on, create yours.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A recipe: PANCAKES by Rosalía 6ºA

- 2 eggs.
-100 of flour.
-300 millilitres of milk.

How to cook:
1-You have to weigh the flour.
2-You have to mix the flour.
3-You have to add the milk and the eggs to the flour.
  4-You have to put some butter in the pan.
  5-You have to add the mixture to the pan.
                                                                   6-You have to fry the pancakes.


Monday, April 16, 2012

My favourite English song,by Sara Penas, 6C

 Hii kids!.
This is my favourite English song :
 One Thing  , by  One Direction

                                 I LOVE IT!
One Direction is a band of  5 boys.They're from England , and when they were children, they wanted to be singers!.Their names are Harry,Liam,Zayne,Louis and   Niall. All of them are very handsome , but Harry is the most handsome boy of the 5! Ha, ha, ha!

Friday, March 30, 2012

" Our Easter Egg Hunt" by Alex and Alejandro, 6A

Hi, We are Alex and Alexander from class 6  A.
Today at school we celebrated Easter and we  had to find a big egg  as every year.Then  the English teachers  brought us a bag of chocolate  Easter eggs and they sang a song.
All the kids in our school participated in the Easter egg hunt and some of them wore fantastic Easter bonnets. 
It was a great fun.

What a show!

Hi guys,
 Last Wednesday we had the pleasure to watch the play " Robin Hood " in our school. English natives were the actors who performed a funny version of this play. We enjoyed a lot. Some of us were asked to go on stage: Renata , Jaime, Iván C and Antía. It was really fantastic. Here you´ve got some photos.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

" Yesterday " by Geta, 6A

Yesterday  I went to school and at two o'clock I  went home.
I had salad,  fish  and eggs for lunch. I   watched  the serial "La que se avecina".
I did homework and studied English.
I went to Meicende to my fooball training.
At home  I watched tv and at 9:30 I had dinner : fish and salad again  at 11 o'clock I went to bed.

My school

Hi! I'm Geta . My  class is 6A.  We are a big class:11 boys and 12 girls.
My classroom is yellow. My best friends are Ivan, Dani... .
My teacher's name is Carmen. My favourite subject is Science.
I don't like school.
My school is orange and very big.
My favourite sport is football.
I play for  Imperator Football Club. .

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"MY LAST WEEKEND" by Juan Carlos 6A

Hi friends!!!!!!!!!!


I studied a lot last weekend.Last Friday I did my homework and then I went with my aunt to buy my birthday present. I bought three books: "El diario de Greg 2" ( Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules " Aventuras de la mano negra" ( Adventures of the Black Hand Band) and "Ulysses Moore". Last Saturbay I studied in the morning and in the evening I went to the park.

Robin Hood

Hi kids,
On March 28th, we´ll see the play " Robin Hood " by a theatre company from Madrid. They will visit our school. I´m sure we´ll have a great time.
Image by Face2Face Theatre Company

"Robin Hood" is the legend of a heroic outlaw and his band of theives, the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, and a damsel in distress. . Follow Robin Hood through the town of Nottingham as he seeks justice for the poor and humor for the grumpy in Face2Face's latest comic adventure.
Click here to listen and practice before seeing the play: 
* the song " Help me Marion"

* Scene 1

* Scene 2

* Scene 3

* Scene 4

* Scene 5

Robin Hood, Prince of  Thieves. on PhotoPeach

Dani Griffin´s concert.

Hi guys,
On the 16th of April all of you are going to Dani Griffin´s concert.
This is Danny Griffin. He was born in Chicago ( USA).He is the most successful English- language children´s music artist. He is the composer of the songs of the book " Cool kids"
His work as a drummer includes 3 Latin Grammy- nominated albums.  He plays the drums and the saxophone in " Fito y los Fitipaldi".
He is an English teacher and tutor elementary- three years in bilingual classroom in Chicago and Madrid.
At this concert, Dani is going to sing some songs like " Africa", " Slide", " Ride my bike" " London Bridge " , etc.
Each song has different steps . So it´s very important we learn them before going to the concert. 
Thanks to Oxford University Press for inviting us .
Click here if you want to listen to all the songs.( Blog : Ready, Steady, Go...)  Let´s sing and dance.